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Tap Dancing Classes Warrington

Hayward Performing Arts offers Tap dancing classes at both beginner and advanced levels. As one of Warrington’s most experienced Tap-dancing schools, Hayward Performing Arts has been enabling children of all ages to enjoy this exciting, percussive and rhythmical dance form. There are definite advantages to taking Tap lessons in Warrington and Tap dance can be performed solo or as part of a dance troupe. Classes will cover all areas, including Improvisation Tap Dance Freestyle, Tap Dance Combinations/Patterns, ISTD Tap Dance syllabus and examination framework. We also take part in the Annual ‘Tapathon’ a national tap dance charity event which helps to raise money for Children in Need.

Is Tap Dancing Easy To Learn With Hayward In Warrington?

Tap dance is enjoyable and great to learn in exciting and welcoming classes at Hayward Performing Arts. You do not need any previous Tap dance experience to join in classes as we have a beginner level programme. Our clearly defined structure caters to all types of learners whether your child wishes to make dance their profession or your child wishes to join for enjoyment and a hobby in the context of safe practice our classes are designed to develop confidence andwell-rounded dancers and performers.

At What Age Should You Start Tap Dancing?

With Tap Dance Classes in Warrington available from 4 years upwards, it is never too early or too late to start!

Why Choose Hayward Performing Arts For Tap Dancing Classes In Warrington?

  1. Our Tap dance lessons in Warrington have delivered excellent and trusted tuition for over 20 years.
  2. Hayward Performing Arts Tap dancing classes in Warrington are delivered in our purpose built studios in the centre of Warrington.
  3. Tap dance lessons are taught by fully qualified Tap dance teachers.
  4. We offer Tap dancing classes in Warrington! Whether you are looking for fun & fitness or are serious about your training, our classes cater for dancers from beginners right through to professionals.
  5. Tap dance classes are enjoyable, dynamic, and a great way to make some noise!
How Do Barre Workouts Help You Lose Weight?

Barre workouts are known for burning fat and increasing calorie burn both during the workout and after. Barre fitness exercises target the whole body with minimal impact on muscles and joints, making it an excellent choice for everyone!

What Are The Benefits Of Barre Workouts?

Hayward Performing Arts Barre workouts stretch & tone muscles to improve strength, flexibility & balance Barre workouts use light-weight dumbbells or resistance bands; Barre workouts strengthen legs, hips, arms, shoulders & abs. Barre exercises target increasing flexibility by extending muscles with and without resistance. Barre exercises are perfect for improving dance skills.

Are You Interested In Learning How To Tap Dance?

Tap dance is a theatrical art form, often seen on screen and in stage musicals classes are a great way to learn new skills, jump about and make lots of wonderful percussive sounds and rhythms using your feet, clapping and vocals. The special composed music inspires our young dancers to get creative, develop their knowledge and skills and have lots of fun! Hayward Performing Arts.

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"A great place for kids to learn to dance to a very high standard, feel welcomed and safe. My daughter has danced here for 3 years now, her technique has improved so much and she has made some lovely friends. Highly recommend."


"Our daughter has joined the ballet classes couple of months ago after someone recommended us this place. We have noticed a big improvement since she started. Mrs. Rachael teaches with kindness, firmness and professionalism all at the same time. She is a great teacher."


"My son has joined this wonderful establishment in their senior stage school, excellent tuition given in a fun and friendly environment teaching all aspects of performance and dance."


"Exceptional performing arts school in centre of Warrington. They have a variety of classes available to cater for every child of every standard. My 2 daughters ages 13 & 10 have been attending since they were both 2 years old and still love attending their classes each and every week."

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