Junior Dance


Junior Dance

For ages 7 to teen, these classes establish positive life skills such as good time keeping, dedication and discipline; improves coordination and dexterity; increases attention span; encourages independence and develops confidence.

Junior Ballet

Aiming to build up progressively, ensuring steps and skills are learned at lower levels to prepare for more complex movements as students progress. The Cecchetti method of classical ballet provides outstanding training for ballet dancers at all levels. We offer examinations, courses and performance events and provide recreational and vocation training.

ISTD Junior Tap

Tap dancing is an exciting percussive and rhythmical dance form. The dancer uses their feet to strike the floor, beating out a melody. Tap Dance is a theatrical art form, often seen on screen and stage musicals. Our clearly defined structure caters to all types of learners. Whether you child wishes to make dance and theatre their profession or pursue dance purely as a leisure activity in the context of safe practice, our classes are designed to develop confidence and well rounded dancers and performers.

ISTD Modern Theatre Dance

Modern Theatre Dance is often seen on stages of musical theatre productions and is known for its theatrical qualities. The style uses travelling steps, high kicks, leaps and turns which all need strength and flexibility. This is a highly energetic dance style.

Pointe Work

A milestone in every young dancer’s life! Student’s hard work now pays off, they have developed strong technique and sufficient strength throughout the legs, body, and feet to progress and dance en pointe! A wonderful and momentous occasion for every dancer.

Contemporary Dance

Horton Technique

We have such strong connections with the performance industry and our classes are taught by highly experienced industry professionals.

Learn the fundamentals of this expressive dance form; build strength and technical abilities in this exciting and motivating class.

Progressing Ballet Technique

An incredible and essential class for any aspiring dancer.
Accelerate your learning, body awareness, core strength and technical ability with this 45 minute conditioning class.
Use of backalast bands, large exercise balls, mats and hand weights.


"A great place for kids to learn to dance to a very high standard, feel welcomed and safe. My daughter has danced here for 3 years now, her technique has improved so much and she has made some lovely friends. Highly recommend."


"Our daughter has joined the ballet classes couple of months ago after someone recommended us this place. We have noticed a big improvement since she started. Mrs. Rachael teaches with kindness, firmness and professionalism all at the same time. She is a great teacher."


"My son has joined this wonderful establishment in their senior stage school, excellent tuition given in a fun and friendly environment teaching all aspects of performance and dance."


"Exceptional performing arts school in centre of Warrington. They have a variety of classes available to cater for every child of every standard. My 2 daughters ages 13 & 10 have been attending since they were both 2 years old and still love attending their classes each and every week."

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