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First Steps

Ages 0-7


With the emphasis on enjoyment, First Steps classes are a creative introduction to the world of dance for your little one. Our carefully crafted settling in process instils confidence in our youngest dancers. Classes focus on enjoyment and nurture your child’s expressive and emotional development, building their confidence preparing them for school.

The First Steps programme has different classes for children aged from 0 up to 7 years old.

Baby Tap

Ages 3 – 8 years / Saturday 11.30am – 12 midday

This is our beginner-level tap class encouraging children to develop their creativity whilst developing their talents and learning lots of new skills. Classes are energetic and enjoyable and specifically developed to support young children with their cognitive and physical development.

First Steps & Bounding Boys Ballet

Ages 3-4 years / Saturday 9.30am -10.15am


Ages 4-6 years / Saturday 10.15am – 11.15am


Ages 5-8 years / Monday 4.30pm – 5.30pm / Saturday 11.15 – 12.15

Classes focus on enjoyment; spatial awareness and positive interaction with both other children and teachers. Musicality is developed through the playing of percussive instruments. Our delightful classes encourage the natural progression and development of our younger dancers. Carefully constructed to give a wonderful foundation of strong technical ability, classes are taught by our highly experienced and dedicated team who appreciate and encourage every young dancer’s creativity and self-expression.

Grade Two Tap

Ages 7 – 10 years / Saturday 2.15 to 3.15pm

Let’s stamp, shout and run about in our fun and energetic tap class suitable for our young beginners!

Children wear tap shoes which have a small metal plate on the toe and the heel; these enable children to learn to move whilst making different rhythmical sounds with their feet, body and hands. With class music composed specifically to develop listening skills and musicality, this class is both fun and creative.

Modern Theatre Dance

Ages 6 – 11 years / Saturday 4.15 – 5.15pm

Modern Theatre Dance is a style of dance seen in many theatre and screen performances. This is a highly expressive and energetic dance style. Students are encouraged to turn, kick, leap and jump. Modern Theatre Dance requires great strength with flexibility and children are motivated to achieve their best in this dynamic and stimulating class.

Hip Hoppers

Ages 3 – 8 years / Saturday 11.30 – 12.00 midday

Fun and energetic street style dance class for kids who love to bop and pop.

Funky, street style dance moves and routines are taught accompanied by your favourite pop tunes in this weekly class. Enjoy learning the latest dance moves and have fun expressing yourself.

Contemporary Dance

Ages 6 – 14 years / Tuesday 6.15pm – 7.15pm

Contemporary dance encourages students to be expressive and to explore a wide array of movement styles and emotions. We focus on spatial and body awareness, floor work and developing rhythm and musicality. Teachers encourage students to hone their unique style of movement and creativity, improving their confidence and improvisational skills.

Dance Classes For Children

Hayward Performing Arts dance classes for children in Warrington are an excellent way to connect with your child. Being involved in the arts and an activity your child has a passion for can open a world of opportunity, enjoyment and progress both intellectually and creatively. You will never know where dance classes for your child will take you, but it is inevitable that if you follow your child’s dream , this experience will be both enjoyable and rewarding.

Hayward Performing Arts, Warrington offers children’s weekly dance classes in Ballet, ISTD tap dance, ISTD Modern Theatre Dance, Senior Jazz, Street dance, Pointe work and much more! Let us focus on why parents choose dance classes for their children and what to expect when we sign our kids up.

What Is The Role Of Dance Classes For Children At Hayward Performing Arts In Warrington?

  1. To Increase Their Self Esteem: When a young person puts in the effort to learn something new, they will feel a higher sense of self-worth. This can be achieved when parents support and encourage their children’s interests.
  2. Introduce Them to Something New: Dance classes for children may introduce your child to something you were unaware of until this point. Your child will learn about different styles of music, they will meet like – minded friends, there will be performances with wonderful stories and the history of the arts is incorporated into classes and workshops; students of all ages have the opportunity to work with industry professionals.
  3. Positive interaction with peers: Respect for one another, independence and self-care are encouraged at Hayward Performing Arts. Students are well mannered independent thinkers who look after and support one another.
  4. Enjoyment: Dance classes are a great way to express yourself and in turn have such a positive impact on wellbeing

Further Qualifications And Pathways To The Industry:

Whether your child joins classes for enjoyment, to make new friends , increase confidence or as a career choice Hayward Performing Arts is the perfect place to begin. Many of our students enjoy their weekly classes as a hobby and recreation and gain so much enjoyment from taking part in our Annual performances, Exams and other events. Our more serious and committed students gain recognised qualifications through the ISTD dance examinations framework and are awarded UCAS points upon completion of their higher level dance exams (Grade six and above). These qualifications enable them to gain entry to their choice of university course and prepares students for the rigorous auditions for the major conservatoires for dance and musical theatre in the UK and abroad.

Can My Child Join Dance Classes If They Are A Beginner?

Yes, your child can join dance classes at any age if they are a beginner or have more experience. We have a timetable full of classes that are suitable for students of all ages and abilities. We will be able to advise you upon the best course of classes to help your child nurture their talents and skills and grow in confidence.

What If My Kid Starts Taking Dance Classes?

If your child loves to move to music or has boundless energy or is shy and quiet and you would like to build their confidence in a warm and welcoming environment then enrolling your child in their favourite dance classes at Hayward Performing Arts, Warrington is an excellent choice! Sign up for your free introductory class today!.

Benefits Of Choosing Hayward Performing Arts In Warrington, Children Dance Classes

1. Fully qualified and highly experienced tutors

At Hayward Performing Arts our Principal Rachel Hayward is an ex professional ballet dancer; ISTD examiner and has over twenty years teaching experience. She is fully supported by a wonderful team of teachers who are professional performance artists and fully qualified teachers who wish to share their love, vast experience and passion for the performing arts with the next generation.

2. WOW Workshops and Summer Camps

We offer all our student the opportunity to attend our Summer Schools and attend full day workshops with artists from the world of stage and screen.

3. Central location and close to transport links

Hayward Performing Arts is situated in the Warrington town centre, it had free parking for clients and is close to all major transport links and motorways.

4. Individual learning pathways for each student

To develop their talents and confidence. Tuition is delivered at the pace which enables every student to achieve their best and progress whilst growing in confidence.

Hayward Performing Arts Dance Classes For Children Are A Great Way To Connect With Your Child And Help Them Grow

Our dance classes for children in Warrington are packed with fun and excitement, and we guarantee that your child will love every minute of it!


"A great place for kids to learn to dance to a very high standard, feel welcomed and safe. My daughter has danced here for 3 years now, her technique has improved so much and she has made some lovely friends. Highly recommend."


"Our daughter has joined the ballet classes couple of months ago after someone recommended us this place. We have noticed a big improvement since she started. She has been doing ballet since age 2 and she is 5 now. Mrs. Rachael teaches with kindness, firmness and professionalism all at the same time. She is a great teacher."


"My son has joined this wonderful establishment in their senior stage school, excellent tuition given in a fun and friendly environment teaching all aspects of performance and dance."


"Our daughter has excelled in her time at this outstanding performing arts school. The high standard of teaching staff and opportunities to work with current professionals is exceptional. Our daughter has achieved a Distinction in all her ISTD Dance Exams to date in Tap , Modern and Ballet. This is down to the sound knowledge and expertise of the school principal Miss Rachel Hayward who ensures classes are taught to a consistent high standard for all grades. My daughter also attends Stage School and vocal coaching sessions at HPA where the students get the opportunity to progress in their acting and musical theatre skills . We are so happy to have found HPA and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an exceptional Performing Arts school."


"Exceptional performing arts school in centre of Warrington. They have a variety of classes available to cater for every child of every standard. My 2 daughters ages 13 & 10 have been attending since they were both 2 years old and still love attending their classes each and every week."

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