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Barre Fitness Classes Warrington

Barre Fitness Classes at Hayward Performing Arts in Warrington are built on the fundamental elements of dance combined with Pilates & yoga exercises. These classes are suitable for men and women over 16 years old looking to strengthen and sculpt their bodies.

Our barre workout is perfect for both beginners as well as advanced-level practitioners!

Why Are Barre Fitness Classes Very Popular These Days In Warrington?

You can start ballet classes at any age and at Hayward Performing Arts we will be able to help you find the right course of classes for you. Our Ballet and classical dance programme aims to build progressively, ensuring that steps and skills are learned at lower levels to prepare for more complex movements as you progress. The Cecchetti method of classical ballet training provides outstanding training for ballet dancers at all levels.

Is A Barre Fitness Workout Good For Weight Loss?

Barre workouts are known for burning fat and increasing calorie burn both during the workout and after. Barre fitness classes target your body’s all muscle groups, which means you’re getting more done in less time. Barre exercises can help tighten and tone your muscles, improving your posture as well!

Are Hayward Performing Arts Barre Fitness Workouts Suitable For Beginners In Warrington?

How Do Barre Workouts Help You Lose Weight?

Barre workouts are known for burning fat and increasing calorie burn both during the workout and after. Barre fitness exercises target the whole body with minimal impact on muscles and joints, making it an excellent choice for everyone!

What Are The Benefits Of Barre Workouts?

Hayward Performing Arts Barre workouts stretch & tone muscles to improve strength, flexibility & balance Barre workouts use light-weight dumbbells or resistance bands; Barre workouts strengthen legs, hips, arms, shoulders & abs. Barre exercises target increasing flexibility by extending muscles with and without resistance. Barre exercises are perfect for improving dance skills.

What You Can Expect From Barre Classes In Hayward Performing Arts:

  1. Tone & sculpt lean muscle tissue with a small group workout
  2. Improve flexibility through stretching movements
  3. Improve balance by engaging core muscles
  4. Barre workout is low impact, yet high intensity
  5. Barre workouts burn more calories with a combination of strength training, Yoga, Pilates and flexibilityexercises thus increasing the body’s metabolism.

Are You Looking For A Challenging Workout That Will Help You Achieve The Perfect Body?

Barre fitness is a challenging workout that combines ballet, Pilates, yoga and resistance training. It’s the perfect workout for anyone who wants to achieve a toned and sculpted body.

You can expect to see results quickly with barre fitness. The repetitive small movements combined with weights and inspiring music will help keep you motivated and achieve the body you have always wanted.

“Sign up for Hayward Performing Arts barre fitness classes in Warrington today!”


"A great place for kids to learn to dance to a very high standard, feel welcomed and safe. My daughter has danced here for 3 years now, her technique has improved so much and she has made some lovely friends. Highly recommend."


"Our daughter has joined the ballet classes couple of months ago after someone recommended us this place. We have noticed a big improvement since she started. She has been doing ballet since age 2 and she is 5 now. Mrs. Rachael teaches with kindness, firmness and professionalism all at the same time. She is a great teacher."


"My son has joined this wonderful establishment in their senior stage school, excellent tuition given in a fun and friendly environment teaching all aspects of performance and dance."


"Our daughter has excelled in her time at this outstanding performing arts school. The high standard of teaching staff and opportunities to work with current professionals is exceptional. Our daughter has achieved a Distinction in all her ISTD Dance Exams to date in Tap , Modern and Ballet. This is down to the sound knowledge and expertise of the school principal Miss Rachel Hayward who ensures classes are taught to a consistent high standard for all grades. My daughter also attends Stage School and vocal coaching sessions at HPA where the students get the opportunity to progress in their acting and musical theatre skills . We are so happy to have found HPA and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an exceptional Performing Arts school."


"Exceptional performing arts school in centre of Warrington. They have a variety of classes available to cater for every child of every standard. My 2 daughters ages 13 & 10 have been attending since they were both 2 years old and still love attending their classes each and every week."

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